Haitian Benefit a Success!

Saturday’s benefit concert was a success! We raised almost 400$ for charity, and decided on which charities to give to democratically. We picked Batay Ouvriye (Fight-Work) and Partners in Health. Due to a complex democratic money-allocation vote, Batay will get 17$ for every 10$ Partners gets. Good thing we have a calculator.

I took videos of most of the performers, so you can get an idea of what the party was like. Sasha started the night with “Can’t Dance with you”, then stood on top of a stool to play this. His next song was in the Kitchen, and then he played in the bathroom. I have some footage of Mip rocking out. It’s really worth checking out her myspace page. I didn’t record any of Tyler’s set, but you can see him on myspace too. Ketan took some videos of my performance – I played “Hard Times in Old Haiti” and “Westfall”. I also played my new “Charity Song” (includes “Neutrality Song”), which Kolia quite liked.

The event overall was very uplifting – using the space for proper community events is a positive thing. There’s more on that, and on other opportunities for community events we might plan  on the Theme-house blog (which I’ve been thinking about renaming: “ToadLaneAwarenessProject”). Of course – there’s also the conference which is coming up. Overall, a pretty exciting time to be around Toad Lane!

EDIT: Sasha’s performances have been removed due to his request.


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