Cue the fireworks,

Milan has started a new group blog project about climate change, specifically about the importance of leaving coal and other non-renewables in the ground. The key logic is as simple as this: if we burn all the non-renewables we are certainly doomed to catastrophic climate change – but if we restrict ourselves to just oil, we might fare a little better. Of course, we need to limit our consumption of oil too, but an important first step is getting it through our heads that we do not have the right to extract and burn alternative fossil fuels (coal and oil sands) just because they are there.

The blog is an open project, continuously on the search for new contributors. If you are interested, you should probably contact the milan directly. Of course, anyone can comment on posts.

Climate change is the central social justice issue for our generation. I’ve argued on burycoal.com that this does not mean we need to ignore other goals, or even “prioritize” climate change over other issues (I argue making this kind of priority does not necessarily make tactical sense). However, as epistemically sensitive as my arguments sometimes are, this really is me telling you that you should care about this.

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