Tyler’s new Record – “Sentinel Road”

Tyler Shipley of the Consumer goods is releasing his record of songs written during/about the 2009-10 CUPE 3903 strike. The release concert/party will be at the Central, next to Honest Ed’s, on March 6th from 6 to 9pm.

Tyler’s music is compelling and surprisingly fun to listen to. Try “Hockey Night in Afghanada” – a piece about being a hockey fan in a time when it’s being used as war propaganda:

The songs from the new record might have less resonance to the general population than they do to people who were involved in the 3 month labour dispute. I find the title track moving:

It will also include a version of the “Song for the Lines”, written and sung during the strike:

Originally there was some talk of my “Pond Road Strike Song” appearing on the album, but I was unable to meet up with Tyler in Winnipeg during the recording of the album. I’d link to a recording of the Pond Road strike song, but I can’t actually find one posted on youtube. When I get around to it, I’ll post it myself.

I encourage anyone, especially those interested in social justice and labour relations, to check out Tyler’s music and his band, the “Consumer Goods“. And, if you’re in Toronto, to come to the Central on March 6th for the album launch party. Who knows, maybe he’ll ask me on stage again to play the Pond Road song!

EDIT: The Pond Road Strike Song is now on Youtube!


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