Uncontrovertibly Political

A key aspect of police tactics against the G20 convergence was and remains the terrorizing and persecution of organizing figures within the protest movement. Many organizers of the G20 resistance convergence were arrested prior to the demonstrations themselves. I can’t comment on the arrests, partially because there is a publication ban, and partially because I don’t know enough to say something intelligent about the charges.

However, another police tactic was to terrorize known protest organizers by detaining (sometimes right before a scheduled protest), driving them around the city for hours, and abandoning them in the outer reaches of the Toronto suburbs. One organizer was driven around in an unmarked police van for four hours while the driver continually yelled “ANARCHY” at her, only to be left somewhere in Mississauga.

There is no non-political explanation of arresting and detaining protest organizers around while the protests they organized took place.


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