BC Forest Service Map Images

Much of my childhood was spent travelling to various lakes and valleys throughout BC, usually somewhere along the road less travelled. Most of those roads are not shown on normal highway maps, so BC Forest service maps were indespensible to many family camping adventures. These maps, however, are long out of print. Now I’m sure […]

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Who Stands with the Roma?

France is currently deporting hundreds of Roma because their presence in France is “illegal”. The question of the legality of the deportation is actually quite interesting, because of the way the law in its current state privileges non-nomadic life, but that is not the issue I wish to address here. Rather, I want to discuss which groups […]

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Late August Songs

Musically, I go through cycles. For years, I’ll listen to the same music. And then in a day or a week, I’ll discover a plethora of new amazing songs, by exciting new (to me) artists. I thought I’d share some of the tunes I came across today and yesterday. 1.  MyHope (A myspace song) MyHope […]

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Chilcoten Adventure

Last week my father and I went on an adventure into the Chilcoten, the region West of the Cariboo, North of Whistler which stretches between Fraser Canyon and the Pacific Ocean. I’ve been meaning to visit this region for years, but various other commitments have always taken priority. The area is a real backwater – […]

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Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

Rush has released a documentary, chronicling the band’s career from the suburbs of Toronto in the early 70s to present. The documentary proceeds in chapters, each which present a different period in the band’s history. There is a remarkable amount of footage from the different periods – even of the band practicing in suburban basements, and arguing […]

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In Praise of Google News

I like physical newspapers. I like the feel of the paper, I like the way they become crumpled and “well read” when properly enjoyed. I like the different sections, the passing around the breakfast table. I especially like spilling coffee on them, or using them to cover a work area before beginning a messy project, […]

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