BC Forest Service Map Images

Much of my childhood was spent travelling to various lakes and valleys throughout BC, usually somewhere along the road less travelled. Most of those roads are not shown on normal highway maps, so BC Forest service maps were indespensible to many family camping adventures. These maps, however, are long out of print. Now I’m sure there are various BC backroad guidebooks you could buy to fill the void, but I thought I would try to put the large collection of Forest Service Maps which I’m lucky enough to have access to in the public sphere (by which I mean the internet).

So, I’ve photographed them with my DSLR under semi-optimal lighting conditions, and edited the files for maximum readability. Unfortunately, my DSLR is only 6 megapixels, and I think 12 or 25 would be necessary to make the maps highly readable.

I’ve posted the maps in a folder on my Picasa page, here. Note: in order to use the maps, you must “download file”. To do this, click on the map you want, and click “download” on the upper taskbar (it’s to the right of “Full Screen” and “Share”). Even clicking “magnify” does not reveal the image in any thing close to a usable resolution.

If these maps are useful to anyone, please let me know. If I got requests, I could potentially make (or if I’m out of town, ask my parents to make) higher resolution copies of a particular map by taking many images. Or, if anyone knows of a better resource for these maps already on the internet, please let me know and I will direct people there instead!

Now, here are the direct Links to the Forest Service Maps – plus some Park Maps thrown in for good measure!

Cariboo Chilcoten Forest Service Map

Kamloops Forest Service Map

Merritt Forest Service Map

Chilliwack Forest Service Map

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14 thoughts on “BC Forest Service Map Images

  1. I have been trying to get a map(s) of B.C. Forest Service Campsites in the Kootenays to no avail. Is there some secret that I don’t know about to access these maps?

  2. I need a high resolution Forest Service map of the Chilliwack Forest District. I’m particularly interested in the Ruby Creek- American creek area just north of Hope.

  3. Thanks Tristan!
    I’m the other photographer named Tristan from the area. Thanks for the maps, I only have a few slowly-decomposing-from-use copies left, these will be helpful in exploring some new country… I think a hot springs tour may be in the works.

  4. I appreciate the effort in putting up these maps, but they are difficult to use (as the resolution/size isn’t the best for viewing detailed areas). That being said, if you have access to a scanner, that would work MUCH BETTER than a camera. You could scan the maps at a higher resolution, and into sections (so one large map may end up in 6 scans). I know this would create more work for you, but if you have the scanner, (and the desire to do this), there would be many grateful people (such as myself), who would be happy to download some better detailed maps. 😉

  5. Unfortunately I don’t have a scanner. Maybe this summer when I have access to these maps again I will photograph them in sections, which would have a similar effect.

  6. Thanks very much for these. There used to by PDF copies of all these maps available from the BC Forest Service at one point. I think I have some of them still sitting on one of my old HDDs. If I can locate them I'll send a link to them here.

    1. That would be excellent! I’m sorry that the files are not really high enough resolution. Unfortunately my 6MP camera wasn’t really performing as well as a scanner would have. If I am able to borrow a friend’s higher resolution camera, I will photograph them again. But, PDF copies would be better!

  7. Tristan – thanks for putting these photos online – much appreciated. I’ve got a few of the maps you’ve already taken photos of – I’m afraid that if I open them, they’ll completely disintegrate – that’s how old they are!

  8. I know the last comment was entered over three years ago but has anyone had any luck finding a good map of Squamish back roads. I’m especially interested in the Squamish Valley FSR, Elaho Main… that area. I can’t even find a good map to buy. The Back roads map book isn’t very detailed when it comes to logging roads. Thank you.

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