First Nations Women Speak about the Tar Sands

Last night I attended an event which included three first nations women speaking on the topic of the Albertan Tar Sands. I did not expect to learn anything new, or for the event to be particularly ground-breaking, but I wanted to attend to show solidarity with the organizers, speakers, and because such events are often […]

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Global Warming, Global Justice

A new video released by Greenpeace’s executive director, Kumi Naidoo, proposes: Our movement must be as global as the problems we seek to address. We need people organizing where these crimes are taking place. It will take an unprecedented alliance of people of all walks of life, from environmentalists to those who have never considered […]

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Chomsky on Veganism

Still being quite distraught after seeing Earthlings on Wednesday, I’ve been trying hard to put the ongoing catastrophe of violence against animals into a larger moral context. It is easy to emphasize violence against animals because it is so highly cruel, and because we are so immediately present to what it produces – one can […]

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Scientism and Positive Law

The failure of positive and natural law to recognize the validity of the other, or to grasp the essential differences between them with regards to the social reality of moral life, is a product of the 20th century obsession with utopia. Of course, not with literal “utopia”, i.e. an “ideal place” – which our modern […]

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Beyond Charity: Zizek and the satisfaction of moral impulses in general

Zizek’s critique of Starbucks is cutting: capitalism sells us, alongside the products destroying the world, products which claim to include in their consumption its repair and redemption. The truth to extract from this is deep and wide-spreading: the unjust society you live in sells you its own repair as a libidinal supplement, to subvert desires […]

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