Media Control and Reporting on the Haitian Election

Just compare this obvious case of how the Haitian election is covered in Canada, compared to the UK. This is from the CBC’s story:

Violent protests filled the streets of Port-au-PrinceThursday as Haiti’s electoral council said ballots in the country’s disputed presidential election will be recounted.

Supporters of the government-backed candidate Jude Célestin clashed with supporters of Michel Martelly, a popular musician also known as Sweet Micky, who was eliminated in the presidential race.

Read more:

Compare that to what you can read on the Guardina’s website:

Supporters of Jean Henry Céant, the leading Faux-Lavalas candidate with supposedly 8.18% of the vote, and nine other candidates, who have banded with Céant in an informal front, have also held large demonstrations in recent days calling for the election’s annulment, the CEP’s replacement and Préval’s resignation.

“The UN and the international community will never accept that a legitimate Haitian president leaves under pressure from the street,” responded UN Mission to Stabilise Haiti (MINUSTAH) chief Edmond Mulet on 3 December. “It would be a coup.” Ironically, Mulet leads an occupation force that entered Haiti following the February 2004 coup – backed by Washington, Paris and Ottawa and involving “pressure from the street” – against “a legitimate Haitian president” Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Over the past six years, MINUSTAH has killed dozens of Haitians militating for Aristide’s return. He remains exiled in South Africa, and his Lavalas Family party, Haiti’s largest, has been barred from all post coup elections.

Read real news. That doesn’t always mean the Guardian, but it does always mean not relying exclusively on the media in your own state. To read across editorial biases, you have to read multiple perspectives from regions where investors have different interests.



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