Photo Set “A”

It has come to my attention that some people out there in the cyberworld, and also in my life of in-person human contact, find my photos decent. Personally, I like photography. I like taking pictures, I like editing them and I like the emotional responses they invoke in me when I look at them. But, I’ve generally considered these responses to be of a personal nature – they are after all of my friends, travels, my memories. This is probably a reason I have so few of my pictures printed to give as gifts, and I’ve shied away from trying to have my work shown in any gallery (or coffee shop) setting. First off because everyone is a photographer these days, and, in tune with that – I don’t consider my work to be notable within a context of millions of proficient everyday photographers, many of whom take it much more seriously than I do.

If I were going to develop in the direction of taking “better” pictures, in the sense of having greater artistic merit (whatever that is), I feel that I need to train not so much my skills at taking pictures (seeing), but at evaluating my work (although always with an eye back towards taking pictures itself) – the criticizing. The few conversations I’ve had with others about my photos are extremely revealing – it’s illuminating and wonderful to get a sense of how someone else sees a photo.

In that vein, I’ve created a facebook album, viewable to anyone (I think – if it doesn’t work for you let me know, entitled “Photo Set A”. Photo Set A is approximately two hundred of what I think are the best pictures I’ve taken over the past two years (most older than that were lost in a harddrive back up debacle). The idea here is that people could, if they like, comment on individual photos they find compelling, and try to describe why. Or, if there are photos that you think shouldn’t be there – say so. I won’t take it personally, and if you say why it will help me understand what it is in photos that is more general, and what is more specific.

So, if you like my photography and you’d like to help me improve it. Or, if you hate my photography and want to see it improve – consider spending a bit of time going through Photo Set A.


5 thoughts on “Photo Set “A”

  1. By the way – if anyone is into editing photos, and would like to try to improve some of mine, I can send you the original JPEG of any shot – just ask. (Keep in mind, I shoot JPEG BASIC, not “RAW”).

  2. Tristan it was great running into today in the market.

    I really enjoyed Susan Sontag’s On Photography. It has little in the way of making you a more critical photographer in the sense of honing “an eye back towards taking pictures itself”.. but yeah. It’s an important text.

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