In support of Bill C-389

Below is a short letter I’ve written to my BC member of parliament, Russ Hiebert. (While I live in Ontario, I maintain my BC residency)


Dear Russ,
Sexuality is a fundamental part of human experience and identity within a cultural situation. Decent cultures allow people to manifest their identity in accord with their own experience of the world. Tyrannical, totalitarian cultures force people to fit in certain boxes because others can’t deal with the complexity of someone a little too different from themselves. Liberal values, and specifically charter values in Canada, suggest an anti-totalitarian direction: we should make our society, as much as we can, open to different forms of expression. A decent society should carefully distinguish between those forms of expression which are actually harmful to society (such as violence), from those which merely appear to be harmful (such as sexuality outside traditional patriarchal norms).
For these reasons, and also reasons of basic human kindness towards those who have a different and perhaps more difficult time navigating our cultural milieu than yourself, please pass this bill explicitly according charter anti-discrimination rights to transsexual and transgendered Canadians.
Tristan Laing
PhD Student in Philosophy, York University

(Resident of Cloverdale, British Columbia)


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