In Toronto Again: Kevin Annett

Last night I had the good fortune of seeing Kevin Annett speak at Ryerson University. I first met Kevin last year when I arranged for him to speak at Campus Co-op, and that event was crucial for my becoming aware of Canada’s genocidal treatment of indigenous populations, and specifically the history of residential school. His […]

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What is “Twitter”

This isn’t a joke. Of course, we all know what Twitter is. It’s that smartphone thing, where you say short things, and other people say things, and you read the things that other people say who don’t necessarily read the things you say. But seriously, what is Twitter? Twitter is an asymmetrical social media site. That means that […]

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Libya, Force, Hypocricy

I feel as though I have to say something about the War in Libya which is happening as we speak.  I’m not much of a political scientist, so don’t take any of my analysis too seriously. It seems that the uprisings in Libya are related to the uprisings in Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia, Yemen, and Palestine. Many […]

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New Theme?

I thought the old blog layout was looking a bit stuffy, so I changed it and added my twitter feed. How do people like the new look – do people just wish I’d bring back the old one?

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Chomsky comes around on Marx

In a recent talk Chomsky has publicly dispelled (go to 5:16) a common myth concerning Marx’s idea of communism: If you read Marx for example, I discovered that he says almost nothing about a post capitalist society, a few remarks here or there. But he didn’t say anything about post capitalist society for a reason: he thought post […]

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