Photos of other people on Facebook

I post pictures on facebook; it’s the easiest way to put them in a place where many people I know can see them, and will see them without me having to explicitly tell them “hey, look at my photos”. I try not to post too many photos, and I hope the photos I post are relevant or at least enjoyable to some of the people who see them. However, I realize that I often post photos of other people, and I rarely, if ever, acquire their explicit permission. That said, I try to post only flattering photos, and I try not to post too many photos of the same person from the same event.

If anyone that I know would prefer that I refrain from posting photos of them, or if they have a problem with the number or quality of photo of them I’ve posted in the past, please don’t hesitate to email me privately at so as I can remove the photos and remedy the practice.

If anyone, on the other hand, thinks I take the best photos of them and would like to thank me for being so awesome, please comment below.


3 thoughts on “Photos of other people on Facebook

  1. No one complained specifically to me, but I heard the issue come up in conversation in a few unconnected contexts, so I thought it would be a good thing to try and be reflexive about.

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