New Theme?

I thought the old blog layout was looking a bit stuffy, so I changed it and added my twitter feed. How do people like the new look – do people just wish I’d bring back the old one?


6 thoughts on “New Theme?

  1. Changed it a couple of times, I see. I like the look of this format better than the last one (with the green title text at the top). But I liked the green picture. (But I liked your old mountain picture best. But I liked the train track picture too. But once you get down into the text it doesn’t really matter.) The current picture doesn’t appeal to me so much, but I’m curious what it is. A wall from N. Ireland, at a wild guess?

  2. Does this theme actually not include a search box anywhere? I was going to link your various Harris posts to the review I finally managed to write.

  3. I’ve tried a new colour scheme, and I’m attempting to mess around with fonts as well. What I’d really like is a sidebar on the main site, but for the sidebar to disappear if you look at an entry on its own.

  4. You could cook that up with custom PHP on a self-hosted WordPress site. One thing to watch out for is that non-standard fonts can lead to a site that looks radically different in other browsers and operating systems.

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