Embarassing moment on an airplane

In a few weeks I am performing Extreme’s More than Words, and The Beatles All You Need is Love at a friend’s wedding in France. I’ve been working on the Extreme song, but I haven’t so much on the other, so on the airplane I thought I would get out my laptop and listen to […]

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On Leaving

Toronto’s Pearson Airport is an ideal place from which to leave on a journey. Terminal 1 is shaped like a wing, and if you are flying international, you can enjoy Richard Serra’s Tilted Spheres. At the moment I’m sitting inside Tilted Spheres, enjoying my time before boarding a flight to England. The work is about […]

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Flying away

In not very many hours I will be in the air, bound for Europe again. Watch for the colours of the blog to change with the difference places I travel through.

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Transit fares and Inflation

Transit fares seem to go up all the time, especially if you live in Vancouver or Toronto. But, doesn’t everything get more expensive? I thought I’d do some preliminary checking on how transit fares have gone up compared to other products. In 1983 BC transit (precursor to Translink) did not have zones – you could […]

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The Boycott and the NDP surge

In the past I’ve supported voting for the Liberal party, and the election boycott. In what could be described a flip-flop, I’m now supporting the NDP due to their surge, and the possibility of them becoming the new left governing party of Canada. I continue to hold my view that elections within a situation where […]

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Rush – live in Montreal

Last week I had the good fortune of seeing Rush play live in Montreal. They have been around for about as long as any band, and they played music from each of their 4 decades of existence. In many ways the show was great – good song selection (except, any songs from the 90s and […]

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More reflections on “Enjoy Poverty”, and a Screening at Toad Lane

I recently saw and commented on the film “Enjoy Poverty”. My general reaction was being-underwhelmed, given how many of my friends had emphasized how affective the film was, and how they felt awful after seeing it. The collective experience seems to have been this: while they knew the critiques of charity work and of the representations of […]

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Blogging from Palestine?

I’m torn about how I should blog while I’m volunteering in the holy land. Should I continue to update this blog? Should I create a separate blog specific for this trip? I’m leaning towards creating a blog specifically concerning volunteering and meeting with groups in Palestine, and updating that blog more often while I maintain […]

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Off to Montreal

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Montreal to see Rush, and then on Friday I’m headed with my family to Quebec City for a mini-holiday at the Chateau Frontenac. If any of my Montreal friends are missing me, I’ll have some time on Thursday to meet up. If anyone has ideas of what to do in Quebec […]

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