Things I will do if you give me some money

So, it’s a few days into my fundraising campaign associated with my volunteer trip this summer, and I’m very thankful for the contributors who have already pushed me more than 10% of the way towards my goal. However, the newness of the campaign has run out, and I need new ways to promote it, to encourage friends and readers to get excited about my trip. I have a few ideas for this, but I’ll just start with these:

If you donate 25$, I will send you a postcard from Palestine.

If you donate 50$, I will send you a postcard from Palestine, along with the answer to the philosophical or political problem of your choosing.

if you donate 100$, I will write you a song, either about you or the topic of your choice.

Donations can be made on my pledge page.

Those who have already donated are eligible as well, but they and anyone else is responsible for emailing me their address and what they want the answer or song to be about.

Also, if you have suggestions for other benefits I could offer, or crazy things you’d like to see me do, and how much you would pay for them.


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