A must-see Jerusalem Book-Shop

The Educational Bookshop in East Jerusalem is a place not to be missed if you are an English speaker interested in Palestinian solidarity work, or even just someone interested in Palestinian perspectives on the conflict in historical Palestine. If you are used to seeing only a few books at a time on the Israel-Palestine conflict […]

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Narratives, Facts, Pathologies

Perhaps because this trip is Canadian, there is a lot of emphasis on “perspectives”. Everyone’s understanding is just their “perspective” and no one’s perspective is true and no one’s is false. I love the idea of a “perspective”, because I think it’s an incredibly powerful way to talk about a piece of understanding. According to […]

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Why I wear a keffiyeh in Palestine

Yesterday I visited Ein Kerem, an Arab/Christian village which was depopulated during the 1948 war. Today I visited Kalandia refugee camp, and met a Palestinian who is¬†disillusioned¬†with the PA and Palestinian statehood, and just wants to go home to the village his family fled from in 1948. My grandfather was here between 1946 and 1948 […]

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Names and Perspectives and East Jerusalem and the Annexed Palestinian Territory

“I don’t consider territory to the east of the Green line to be Israel, I consider it to be the West Bank of Jordan, captured in 1967 and ceded by Jordan to Palestine in 1988” “Sure, but that’s just your perspective” “Well, few international states recognize Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem, not even Canada” “Ok, […]

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Vignettes of Jerusalem

The Wailing Wall and Arbitrary Inclusion/Specific Exclusion I visited the wailing wall for the second time today. This time I was with Paul, and we walked right up to the wall itself, and into the enclosed prayer area at the left side. We were asked to cover our heads, but little white yakimas were provided […]

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