Rest of the Journey

After some scuffling from terminal 3 to 1 and back to find my baggage, which was not actually checked through, I caught my early flight and landed in Dublin at 8am. Quick bus to the city centre, tram to the train station, 2 hours train ride, few hours waiting at the train station for the van to arrive, and I’m home.

Home at TAPSS, that is, and residing at the Nano Nagle centre. It feels like it was just yesterday I was here with Adnan and Tina and all the others. Unfortunately, Adnan and Tina aren’t here this year, but there are some returns, and some great new people as well. I’m especially excited about some of the scholars presenting, and about the reading group with Talia Welsh.

I feel as if I’ve been up for 2 days straight, because, I have. Now to shower and do a bit of reading before dinner!


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