On to France

My last day in Belfast was enjoyable, although for reasons I’ll explain in a minute, a bit perverse.

Mary and I walked up the Cregagh Glen, which is a very beautiful revine which winds its way up out of Belfast onto the surrounding plateau. We continued up across a road, through some national trust fields (possibly passing by a bull), and came onto a peak from which we could see all of Belfast and much of the surrounding countryside. At the top of the hill are the ruins of an ancient, pre-Gaelic circle fort. It’s not much to look at (just a circular mound of earth), but quite amazing to think how far it reaches back into history.

We had dinner at a very decent indian restaurant on the Ormeau road called Cafe Naz. It was reasonably priced, and with a small corkage fee you can bring your own wine and beer. Which we did.

Mary has been talking all week about “Eurovision”, which is coming up this weekend. I couldn’t quite fathom what it was, so tonight we watched the semi-final. It’s a bit like American-Idol meets the World Cup, except much worse. The music is pretty hopeless – every song sounded out of the 1980s, and not in a good way. Lots of it was enjoyable to watch for its camp value. The best part is, I learned about a lot of (tiny) European countries which I didn’t know existed. It’s a bit embarrassing, thinking you know europe – and then not recognizing half the nation’s flags. In fairness, these are countries with little pull on the world stage, and probably few olympic athletes.

And then, when I normally would have gone to bed, I took a taxi to a bus, which took me to Dublin airport (where I am now), and now I will take a plane to Frankfurt, and then Paris. And then, (if nothing goes wrong in the process), I will find my way to Gare de Lyon and take the TGV to Le Creusot. Where, hopefully, I will be picked up by Guillaume to go camping(?) or something, and then the next day – he is getting married!

I’m sorry I haven’t been so good with the photos so far. I’ll try to take more on the next leg of the trip.


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