A wedding

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the marriage of my friends Guillaume and Mireille, and of performing during the ceremony. I played “All you need is love” after the reading of 1 Corinthians 13 (quite an ingenious combination, thought up by the bride and groom). I also played More Than Words, by Extreme. The ceremony itself was excellent – although technically a Catholic Mass, they threw out most of the traditions and did what they wanted, so rather than long readings of scripture by a priest, there were short readings of scripture by different members of the wedding party, and several short speeches by friends and family. Interspersed with short pieces of music, both guitar and organ, with some of the organ pieces performed by Guillaume’s little sister.

The night before the wedding, Guillaume’s brothers, another friend, and myself, had a barbecue in the woods and slept in a friend of the family’s chalet which had no heating.  It was a bit like camping. In fact, what surprised me was how little we actually drank – there certainly is a drinking culture here, as in Ireland, but a major different is simply the quantity.

I have been speaking almost exclusively french since arriving in Montcenis 2 days ago, and what is a bit strange is how awkward I now feel writing in English. In fact, I find myself thinking in French and having to translate to write it down.

Tomorrow I will take an early train to Paris, and visit a school friend there. At some point, I will head down to Orlean to visit Vincent as well.

Up till now, I find my travels have been quite action-packed. Which is good, but I hope to have some quiet time in Paris, to collect my thoughts, to reflect on my time in Ireland, and to prepare mentally for the significant adventure that lies before me in the middle east.


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