Camera Opinions

With the recent theft, I am camera-less. Not only was my nikon D50 stolen, all my nikon batteries were stolen so my other nikon, a D70 I brought as backup, is also out of commission. And my canon A510 pocket camera which I had lent to another trip participant was also stolen, because his bag was stolen at the same time as mine.

So, I have to make some decisions. Either I remain camera-less for the rest of the trip, or I buy something. I could either buy a pocket camera, or buy another battery for my D70. Since my normal zoom lens was stolen with the D50, I’d need to buy some kind of lens to put on the D70 as well.

I’m planning to be in Tel-Aviv a bit this week, it will probably be possible to go to a decent camera store there.

What do people think I should do?



  1. I am really sorry to hear about the thefts!

    I’d say get another D70 battery and a 50mm f/1.8.

    I definitely regret not having dSLR-quality camera gear during some past trips. It really restricts what can be done with the photos.


  2. Dave F. said he had a camera he could send, you, but I don’t think that is doable , did a quick check and with DHL, its over 150 is send a small box


  3. Dunno what camera you should get but DEFINITELY get a camera. Mine broke right before I went to the West Bank and I bought a stupid little disposal one and it sucked and I’m sad all the time about my lack of pictures


  4. Today I bought a Canon PowerShot A2200. It’s a cheap one – no IS. But it does 28mm wide angle, and it’s very small and fits easily in my pocket. And it has its own rechargeable battery, so I’ll save money there.


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