ITT update

Apologies for the sparse, or should I say non-existent updates during the last week. ITT, or independent travel time is the time after an OG trip when people split up, get lost, spend more than they expected on hostels or find amazing homestay situations. My ITT has been a mix of a rocky start in Tel Aviv, followed by great times with friends and meaningful exploration of the West Bank, staying in Qalandia and Ramallah.

I made it to Jenine, where we met with Canaan and the Palestinian Fair Trade Association, who together help organize Palestinian farmers in the cooperative production, sale and distribution of high quality organic, fair trade olive oil. In Toronto you can purchase this olive oil at Beit Zatoun.

In Hebron I met Waqf officers outside the Abraham mosque, who explained the tense relation between the Islamic security and the IDF, and the history of the partition of the mosque after the Goldstein massacre in 1994, when a jewish extremist opened fire on worshippers and killed 28 inside the mosque, 70 outside, and injured 700 more. We got a tour by some kids of the occupation of Hebron, showing the different areas and the ways the settlers attack Palestinians in an effort to get them to leave. One of the kids had two baby brothers killed in an attack in which settlers with the protection /cooperation of the IDF threw a molotov cocktail into a room in his house, setting the confined space ablaze.

I have other stories, but time is short. I will write later.




5 thoughts on “ITT update

  1. Injured 700 and killed 98? Is there somewhere to learn more about the Baruch Goldstein massacre? I had always read that he killed 29 people and injured over a hundred, these numbers are much more extreme.

  2. That article, and the associated article on the cave of the patriarchs massacre doesn’t have any information on the role of the IDF attacking the crowds after Goldstein’s attack. I don’t have a scholarly or journalistic source on this – I just talked to people who lived through it.

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