Toad Lane Return

Somehow I made it through Israeli security without being interrogated. It was pretty funny when they had my bag open, and 30 keffiyehs sprawled across the table – they asked: “you have a lot of scarves?”. They also found my book on refuse-nicks, and one on Israeli settler violence.

Arriving back in Toronto is a relief, but it feels strange to be back at Toad Lane without actually having a room to live in. Tonight there is a house meeting, and I’ll find out if I can couch surf here for a few weeks.

Toronto smells wonderful – summer green everywhere, people hanging out on porches, lots of activism. Everything is so different from West Bank. I feel I’ve changed a lot since I left this place at the end of April – I’m quieter, less cognitive, less interested in debating with people to show them that they are wrong. For instance, I’m not interested anymore in the debate over “Israeli Apartheid”. This is a debate over semantics that serves (and has the goal of) concealing the real situation in Palestine – something I’m not interested in being a part of. Of course the Zionist entity is apartheid – more than this, it’s a national socialist state where most property is owned in common and redistributed back to the Jewish nation. Also, it isn’t really a state because it doesn’t have borders, but is constantly expanding by expropriating more and more indigenous land. And it’s fundamentally a national-colonist state, because it holds that any jew, anywhere in the world, has a greater right to live in a village in the state of Israel than a person who was depopulated from that village as a child. But these are just facts – I’m not interested in debating them.

If you want to ask me about my experience in Palestine, go ahead. And if you want to explain to me how your experience was different – that’s fine, do so respectfully. But don’t bicker with me, or expect me to indulge you in one of the popular contemporary debates.

I need now to learn how to live in Toronto again. I need to get a phone, buy groceries, plan my schoolwork over the next few months, meet with professors, and plan my return to the West Bank. Luckily, the weather is wonderful.


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