Why Milan (and possibly I) is going to Washington

My friend Milan is on his way to Washington, D.C. to take part in a protest against the building of a pipeline that will facilitate the burning of the Alberta tar sands. I might be going down to join him for a bit, but I’m as yet unsure about whether that is possible given my current situation with work and finances. I will quote a limited section of his post below, which you should read in it’s completeness here, on the blog which I no longer contribute to but continue to support. Here is a snippet of his post:

I am going to Washington to help draw attention to the gap between our understanding of the world and the assumptions that underlie our behaviour. We know that continuing to burn fossil fuels puts humanity in peril, and yet we cannot imagine how to behave otherwise. We do not fully appreciate the extent of our freedom and the impact of our choices. We have the freedom to choose a high-carbon future or a low-carbon one, and the choice we make seems highly likely to impact the lives of a huge number of people worldwide, over a long span of time.

Read the rest here, if you haven’t already.

3 thoughts on “Why Milan (and possibly I) is going to Washington

  1. Thanks for the link. You should definitely come down if you can. Volunteers and supporters are needed in addition to people who are risking arrest.

    I am being interviewed about the protest tomorrow on CBC radio Ottawa at 4:45pm.

  2. Updating websites, taking photos, supporting the protest from outside the restricted area, talking with the media, tracking people who have been arrested, making food, helping with the training sessions, explaining the protest to passers-by, calling the contact people listed by those planning to be arrested, making videos, and so on.

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