The “is Jordan Palestine?” question

I’ve heard it variously asserted that “Jordan is Palestine, and therefore the Palestinians already have a state”. And, I knew a little about the PLO in Jordan, the PLO’s various plans to overthrown Jordan (including the one hatched in Lebanon and proposed to the U.S. for aid and cooperation). And, I knew about Jabotinsky’s revisionist zionists and their claim to Jordan. And the brief period in which Jordan and Palestine were in the same mandate.

But really, that’s just a set of pieces of information. Here’s a much more thorough treatment. In 1988, Pipes and Garfinkle put together this seemingly comprehensive account of the history of this statement – why people started saying it, who’s interests were served.

As the air of permanence fades from Arab monarchies, the stability of the Hashemite kingdom in Jordan is no sure thing. At this point, however, I’d say that the “Jordan Option” is really only a policy pushed by right wing Israeli settlers who want to annex the whole West Bank. I am not aware of any current aspect of the Palestinian Nationalist movement which prioritizes the acquisition of Palestinian sovereignty in Jordan over the Liberation of Zionist-Occupied Palestine. While I’m sure there are still Palestinian Nationalists who lay claim to the territory controlled by the Kingdom of Jordan, their ideology is not manifested in any map of “Palestine” I’ve ever seen in a Palestinian nationalist symbol.


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