A Bedroom across the Country

 This is my third time on board the Canadian, but my first travelling in a private room – I’m sharing a two person with my brother. It’s a great room, not exactly spacious, but since removing the ladder it is perfectly possible for two people to move around and hang out with some degree of comfort. It even has a private toilet, which although we are not keen on using (why would we want to stink up our room when there is a perfectly good bathroom down the hall), I can see why that would be a convenient option for older travellers with mobility issues. And most importantly, it has a cubby which we are using as an impromptu liquor cabinet (photo). But, actually that’s not the best thing about it – the best part is that it has a window, and I’m typing this while laying in bed looking out the window. And I fell asleep last night watching northern ontario flick by under the moonlight, through our private window. 


We’ve opted to have the porter leave the room made-up as a bedroom for the entire trip. It just makes more sense – there are plenty of free seats in the park car, the skyline car, and in the sleeper cars where the bunks were not sold so they remain down as love seats. And frankly, it’s great to be able to nap in here during the day, to have a place to have a headache and not have to see people. It’s also a great place to work, if your work is intellectual, or anything that can be done in books on on a computer. Really, if you think you don’t have time to take the Canadian, if you factor in the time and lack of distractions a trip like this gives you, it might be the reverse – it might be that you can’t afford not to take 2 or 3 days to reach your destination. Of course, this really only applies if you can afford a private room which isn’t cheap – even on 75% off it came to about 500$ each for my brother and I. But, granted, that is for a 4 night journey of many thousands of kilometres, and includes about ten meals. 


I don’t mean to speak against the other accommodations offered on board this train – I’ve taken it with a bunk, and I’ve taken it economy class – both are great options. Economy really isn’t as bad as you think, especially if you are on the train with a friend. And the bunk provides a bed that’s just as comfortable. But if you value privacy and are willing to pay for it, this is the best way to take the train. It’s just what I said it was – a bedroom across the Country. 


One thought on “A Bedroom across the Country

  1. The image that stays with me is that of you looking out the window at the Northern Ontario landscape with perhaps a full moon shining. That may be a journey for my wife and I to consider as part of a 30th wedding anniversary tour.

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