The Enlightenment commitment to Public Reason

In a text which is famous (but perhaps not quite famous enough) Kant discusses the topic “What is Enlightenment“. Written during “The Enlightenment“, Kant is not giving a sociological or historical account of the the age he lives in, but concerns himself with the topic of enlightenment itself – what is it to become enlightened? […]

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Fake Nazareth Recipe

Everyone knows that Nazareth is the best restaurant in Toronto. But you can’t always make it out there. Sometimes you just have to make your lentils at home. Here’s my recipe – it’s not really Nazareth style food. It isn’t even really Ethiopian. But it’s satisfying and simple and heavy on the lentils: Dahl – […]

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Cannery in Bella Coola

If this derelict building were in Vancouver, there would be fences and security cameras to discourage you from walking out on this rickety old bridge and probably falling in the water and drowning. But in Bella Coola not only are there no fences, no cameras – there isn’t even a sign telling you to stay […]

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Northern Canadian Riverboat

When we found this boat at the dock in Bella Coola my father and I were genuinely confused. Originally used by the Imperial Oil company on the Mackenzie river, how did it find its way to the West Coast? Either it had been cut up and shipped out here on a truck, or it made […]

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Dying Tug

There were many interesting boats at the Government Dock at Bella Coola. This old tugboat was clearly nearing the end of its life – the hull was not being maintained, and it was becoming quite badly stained with rust. My father diagnosed that it had probably been sold because it was no longer viable to […]

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Coquihalla Hike

Thousands of people drive the Coquihalla highway everyday, yet few stop to enjoy the spectacular mountains it passes through. But it is possible to hike in these mountains. There is even something called the Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area, although you wouldn’t know it driving through (there isn’t even a sign on the highway to encourage […]

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