Resolutions for the New Year (or at least the 51 weeks that remain)

It would appear a bit late for New Years resolutions – the year is more than a week old, and I’ve already been back at school for a week – taught 2 classes, given a test, and an assignment.

But my housemate Ketan has a sign in his room which says, “It’s never too late to start early”, and that seems as good a saying as any. And it’s true with respect to the future in which you haven’t started at all – you always could have started earlier retrospectively, so the present past-of-the-future is always the place where a start is an early start, or at least earlier than “now”.

So with that temporality in mind, I’m making a few resolutions for the new year, some of which have to do with this blog. The first is to post more photographs, my photographs, on the blog, and the second is to post content daily. I will post photographs daily, with a short description. And, I want to post written content at least every other day. I have plenty to write about, I just need to make a priority of writing it down.

As for my other resolutions, one is to keep a dayplanner, and to write something for my thesis every day.

These resolutions all come into effect the day when classes should have started at York, and the day they actually start at U of T – Jan 9th.


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