Ramshackle Shack


With my parents house in Surrey and cottage in the B.C. interior (North of Kamloops), I often find myself driving back and forth from the coast. While the Coquihalla (hope-Merritt-Kamloops) is the fastest route, I often choose to take a slower, more scenic way. Last summer I drove what is probably my favourite route into the interior – Hope to Spences Bridge along the Fraser Canyon, then Highway 8 from Spences Bridge to Merritt, then Highway 5a from Merritt to Kamloops. These roads may not be four lane superhighways, but they are more scenic and go through more interesting historic countryside than the main route. Also, as a driver, they are much more interesting and challenging than freeway driving. This picture is from highway 8, just before you coming into Merritt – the light was beautiful, the fields were yellow and green, and the man made scenery very rustic as this is a place where the modern economy has not touched.


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