Happy to be Teaching

I find myself very happy and excited about my teaching load this term. I’m TAing two classes – Meaning of Life and Social Science 1000. And, since the social science course is a double TAship (four hours of teaching per week), I have in effect a triple load. But, and I think I’ve thought this through, I don’t think it is going to be too, or too stressful. The marking, all things considered, is quite moderate, but more importantly, I’m highly motivated to teach these tutorials well and to use the opportunity to develop as a teacher. Having a single group of students for 4 hours per week, in particular, gives me my first chance really to be “a teacher” – to give assignments, to be the primary source of knowledge, to organize class presentations, and, since it is a first year course, to draw people out of their expectations of high school expectations for bite-sized information memorizing, to be spat back on a test, into thinkers and journeyers through the strange university land of knowledge. All the better that the course professor and I share similar philosophical outlooks, so he has no problem with me teaching the class in a Heideggerian or phenomenological style – hell, Heidegger is even on the syllabus!

Now I just need to finish this degree, and find a way to make a proper job of this!



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