In the Art Gallery

Kaela and I have been going to the AGO every Wednesday night since New Years; it’s free after 6pm, and I think it’s both good to have rhythms in life and to make an effort to fill your visual field with beautiful and stimulating things. This week we took one of the tours which proved to be an excellent idea. Don showed us sculpture throughout the gallery beginning with two Rodin sculptures in the central hall and moving on through the African sculpture exhibit and finally, to the Henry Moore room. I’ve always disliked Moore’s sculpture; I didn’t have a sense of it, it alienated me and I found it physically off-putting. But after Don’s explanations which were grounded in our intuitive sense of the work and the concepts the work brings forth I found myself intensely liking the sculptures, appreciating them and wanting to spend more time with them.

Anyone interested in coming with Kaela and I to the art gallery on a Wednesday should get in contact with me and we can meet outside the AGO at 6pm.

Photo Credit: Kaela Greenstien


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