Saturna Island, B.C.

Saturna Island, British Columbia is one of my favourite places, and the hike beginning at the summit of Mt. Warburton and descending the Brown Ridge is amoung the most scenic in the world. Eventually you can descend all the way to the water, but for much of the hike the grade is easy as you traverse steep but not dangerous feeling slopes, which change colour with the weather.

When we arrived the whether was thick with fog, but before long the sun came out and the yellow grass shone in its glory.

The Gulf Islands are easy to miss if you live in British Columbia. You figure “I’ve seen that” because you’ve been to the lower Mainland, and to Vancouver Island. But both of those places are rainy and dreary, nothing like the dry Islands in between which weather systems pass over but do not get stuck on. Nor are the people alike – my theory is the difficulty of getting to the islands keep the people there quirky. You have to be a bit strange to buy property on a small island where you will be entirely beholden to a ferry company to transport yourself to anything larger than the local general store.

Or do you? The gulf Islands are loved because there are still those who will pay more to be as far as possible from a Wal Mart and Canadian tire. For those who recognize that in life we have a choice what we will put in our visual field, and that what we see and where we are is as important to quality of life as what we consume or possess. If you lived there, looking at these photos, you’d be home now.



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