International Coverage and Support for Khader Adnan

Fifty six days into the hunger strike, Khader Adnan is starting to get widespread coverage, even in the mainstream American media, and messages of solidarity from around the world. SIgnificantly his struggle has gotten his message of protest, which is simply against his illegal administrative detention, to be at least mentioned in CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and less surprisingly on BBC,  as well as all the usual suspects (Ma’an news, Electronic Intifada, Palestine Chronicle, UN News sources, Huffington Post, Al-Arabiya.

Adnan’s struggle is often being compared to Bobby Sands, the famous IRA hunger striker who was elected as a member of the British Parliament before passing away. Therefore it is even more significant that only a few days ago Tommy McKearney, former IRA hunger striker himself, has expressed a message of solidarity with Adnan’s hunger strike.


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