Travel Portraiture (Part 1)

Inspired by my recent experience at event photography (and the jump in viewership it seemed to create), I’ve decided to put up some of the portraits I took last year in Palestine. In general, I’ve hesitated to put portraits up on the blog because I felt they were more personal, and less interesting to a general audience. But I think now that this is wrong – at least with a few words added I think it’s possible for portraits to be evocative even to people who do not know the subjects of the photo.


Anyway you put it, Paul is quite the character. Here he stands next to the ledge of an unimaginable cliff – unimaginable that there was hardly a fence keeping tourists from falling off (and us there in a gale force wind!).

Kris is one of the most good natured people I’ve ever met. Next to Sadiah, no one was subject to more racist remarks during the trip – and unlike Sadiah, Kris had to deal with such comments regardless of whether we were in an Arab or Jewish community. But he never became bitter, and he didn’t let his personal singling out get in the way of his ability to see the injustice for what it is.

Benazir, by far the most fashionable on our trip, understands the importance of posing for a photo. But she’s also a budding scholar, with an exciting career in international affairs ahead of her. With an ability to be totally carefree one moment, and totally serious the next, she challenged my and others’ assumptions and stereotypes about that of which a 19 year old is capable.


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