Terribly Busy

Apologies for the sparse blogging as of late, I’ve been terribly busy with thesis work, grading, Israeli Apartheid week volunteering, and other personal commitments. I feel exceedingly busy, somewhat stressed, and above all over-committed. Luckily my volunteering duties with IAW and with the co-op will be at a lower level in the coming weeks than in the last one.

I will get around to writing a review of my overall impressions of Israeli apartheid week, and what changes need to be made moving forward to improve the chances of success for the struggle for the rights of the Palestinian people. In short, I think the BDS message is very good, and the quality of the talks has been very good – but the outreach has been poor, and the number of people at the talks who are genuinely new to the topic is marginal. Ironically, I think the branding of IAW is much more aggressive than the actual message or talks, and this probably puts people off.


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