On a train, heading south

Having spent an excellent few days on and around the margins of Dublin, I find myself on a train to Mallow for my third visit to TAPSS (theory and philosophy summer school). It’s become a bit of a tradition, a habit, to attend this event. And I do love this place. The green, the hills, […]

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Travel and Principles

I’m not vegan when I travel. It would be easy for me to say this is for practical reasons, “it simply isn’t reasonable, the food isn’t available, it’s too hard”. But that isn’t actually my reason – rather, I think that principles, like not consuming animal products, can only be comprehended and stood for in […]

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Where the action is

Nearing my departure to Ireland, France and the middle east, I find myself a little sad that my trip prevents any time for a visit to Quebec. The current student strike there, which is in its tenth week, does appear to be a real political situation – and one in my home country nonetheless. Everything […]

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