Repost: 518 arrested in nightly Montreal student protest

I have the impression that we can no longer trust that newspaper articles will remain up after being posted. So I’m re-posting this, with full credit to the original author and publisher.   Mass arrest rounds up largest number of people so far in three month dispute   By Max Harrold, The Gazette May 24, 2012 10:02 […]

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The New War Measures Act

I haven’t talked much about the democratic student movement in Quebec, but I do think it’s the most important thing happening in Canada right now, and perhaps the most impressive manifestation of a democratic will in Canada since the 3 days of action in 1983. But it’s actually more impressive than that because the popular […]

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A year since Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem day is a racist colonial celebration of the conquest of territory and the domination of the victors over the indigenous people. Last year I saw the march with my own eyes as 20,000 Israelis carried their victory flag over the green line into East Jerusalem at Damascus gate, and hundreds who descended and marched […]

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Les Performance Géniale: Blogothèque

If you haven’t already discovered this, I highly recommend a visit to this website. The blogothèque group films performances of different artists in non-standard situations. Perhaps my favorite is Aloe Blacc’s performance of “I need a dollar’, spontaneously sung around a table in a small restaurant in Paris. Also impressive if Sutjan Stevens’ performance of “The Lakes of Canada’ […]

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