Siding with Dignity

As I write this, Palestinian negotiators are dealing with Israelis through Egyptian interlocutors, trying to come to an agreement with Israel adequate to the prisoners demands that would save the life of Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, who are on the 74th day of hunger strike, as well as the lives of many other hunger strikers who are at the stage where the danger of death is significant. According to various media sources, a comprehensive deal is being discussed. If there is a significant success, it will show to the Palestinians that their weapon has been successful in showing the Israelis that they are not, or at least are no longer weak and separated; the co-operation between the factions is unity of the resistance in the face of the oppressor. By changing the topic from violence against civilians to demands for human rights and passive resistance against their own bodies, Palestinians have adopted a path of struggle amenable to the international community, and one which it is very hard for Israel to demonize. The strength and courage of these individuals and their communities, both inside and outside the jails, is beyond commendable, and it is becoming of every person who is against torture and humiliation to stand with the striking prisoners, to take a side with dignity against the Israeli war machine that would use every means available to it to break the spirit of the Palestinians. And only when Israel finally recognizes that no amount of bombing, torture and humiliation can break the spirit of the Palestinians will it make steps away from its policies of racial superiority and begin to see Palestinians as humans rather than as terrorists.


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