Long awaited update

I haven’t written anything in weeks, and haven’t given an update on my trip since Ireland. This will be short, but give you an idea of what I’ve been up to.Image

I left Ireland for France, and spent a week with Vincent in Orleans. It was great to hang out again, to see his family and friends, and then to top it off we went for a weekend of airsofting in the south of France. After that, I took a train over to Lyon to see my friends from Toronto who have an apartment here. I’ve been staying with them for the week, and I like Lyon so much that I’ve decided to change my trip so I can stay here longer. I find it really calm here, so I can do my work and do better preparation before heading to the West Bank. I am still at David and Leora’s, but am looking for couch-surfers because I really like the full language immersion experience while I am in France. Yesterday I went to Nimes for the day to meet with a french sociologist, who seems to be the only person in the world besides me who thinks Merleau Ponty is an emancipatory thinker. Discussing with him was great because I got a sense of  what the French academic world is up to, and also he gave me a new perspective slightly on Levinas. 

I’ve been posting lots of pictures, but they are on facebook and I know some of you don’t use facebook. So I put up some Lyon photos on Picasa and you can see them here.

I feel like I should say something about the student protests as they are continuing in Montreal and the rest of Canada. It is wonderful to see this – but what is more wonderful for me is the sense, ok and I get this mostly through facebook, that more and more or my friends are standing behind the protestors – not just the usual suspects who support any protest, but maybe this conflict is producing a kind of cohesion against austerity that more and more are starting to see as reasonable. The formation of general support for any movement critical of austerity is incredibly important right now, even world-historically important if we are to avoid the reactionary self-protectionist response to crisis which leads us down the road to fascism… 


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  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying Lyon and thanks for the non-Facebook photo link.

    Does it really make sense to oppose ‘austerity’, taken all in all? In the long run, governments do need to run balanced budgets. I suppose you could raise taxes rather than tuition fees, but isn’t that still austerity of a kind?


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