Bruce Cockburn, Warrior

I just came across this song by Canadian icon Bruce Cockburn. As a kid, Cockburn’s Christmas music always found its way into holiday playlist. This song is a bit harder, although motivated in the same feelings of love and commitment. The words bring forward the deep truth of retaliation, of the felt need to hit back against unjust […]

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Settlement Boycott versus BDS

Last week’s United Church resolution endorsing a boycott of Israeli settlement goods it feels that this could be the year that civil resistance against Israel goes mainstream. Sure, the press has lambasted the Church for its foray into middle eastern politics, but since they actually lack any arguments I’m confident that this action can be […]

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The BDS is not the Palestinian Leadership (or the centre of the Palestinian Left)

North Americans wishing to express solidarity with the Palestinian cause, especially those who consider themselves to be on the political Left, are likely to look to BDS for leadership and a Palestinian voice. This is understandable because BDS is the most powerful worldwide Palestinian solidarity organization, and it has a Palestinian leadership. Moreover, the BDS […]

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Why I am still Vegan

I’ve been “a vegan” for a few years now. Four, I think. That means that, for the most part (I’ll explain that in a minute), I have refrained from eating dairy, eggs and meat. I feel pretty disillusioned about the whole thing, to be honest. But that doesn’t seem a good reason to stop. I’ll try to […]

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Revolutionary Love

Strange, the concept that has most enamoured my conscience since returning from my travels is that of “love”. I read “Prisoner of Love” on the airplane, and it put a lot of things together for me. Solidarity, revolution, resistance, taking sides. These are not acts of conscious reason, acts of pragmatic improvement. These are acts which […]

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Prisoner of Love

From the last page of Jean Genet’s last great work, “Prisoner of Love”: Any reality is bound to be outside me, existing in and for itself. The Palestinian revolution lives and will live only of itself. A Palestinian family, made up essentially of mother and son, were among the first people I met in Irbid. […]

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The Other Wall

Palestine activists spend a lot of time talking about the Apartheid wall. And fair enough, that wall is terrible – it excludes about two million Palestinians from about 80% of their homeland – 3.5 millon if you include the wall around the Gaza strip. But there is another wall, called the “Israeli border”. That wall […]

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Returning to Toronto

And I’m back in Toronto. I can tell most of all by the air, by the smell of it. The hot moist bath that passes for summer in Ontario. The bus crashes over the broken suburban pavement as we drive by a shopping mall. Other scents – the musky, oily flavour of the subway, the […]

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