What is indigenous solidarity?

This question has been bothering me a lot lately, but then I realized it was my own colonial mindset that was getting in the way. Why should I expect Canadian indigenous groups to form a basis of unity so that supporting them isn’t so problematized by the various forms of complexity and difference between different […]

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Decolonization and Colonial Identity

Today I had an interesting and challenging conversation with a member of the 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group about decolonization and indigenous solidarity.  It built on an event I attended recently called “Building Indigenous Solidarity”, the notes  of which I’ve promised to post online (and I will do that soon). The conversation was part […]

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The Meaning of Life

I’m currently TAing a course called “meaning of life”, and something has occurred to me which I feel might be worth sharing. In the course we are dividing the question of the meaning of life, (henceforth MOL), into two questions: (1) What is important? (2) Why is what is important important? The first question is not a […]

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Authentic Critique of Theory

The one who is engaged directly (not the leader) should think in a single, simple way, because the goal is to motivate a fire. The writer can separate him or herself from the situation, must think in a long term frame because abstraction is his or her weapon. The theorist always over-estimates the importance of […]

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Yes, it’s apartheid

Michal Vexler created this infographic explaining the Palestinian situation of apartheid under Israeli rule and occupation. I’ve talked to many people, even those sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, who have no idea how divided that the Palestinians are as a result of occupation and displacement. One criticism I have is that this graphic is relatively light […]

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