Toronto Palestinian Film Festival 2012

This years TPFF has an interesting looking program. There is an unfortunate tendency for films on the Palestine activist circuit to focus on very narrow themes – the wall, the occupation of the ’67 territories, Israel’s human rights violations and specific forms of resistance that are acceptable for western audiences. There are hardly any films which celebrate the Palestinian revolution, or explore the ways in which Palestinians came to be in control of their own destiny.

That said, this year there are a few films I’m quite interested in seeing. Beyond the Walls is about Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, their struggles inside and their struggles to adjust after being released. Gaza Hospital is about Palestinians in Lebanon, a building which was used as hospital until the war of the camps broke out and is now inhabited by refugees. And Roadmap to Apartheid, while it certainly is continuing popular activist themes, because it is narrated by Alice Walker I feel it could be a watershed moment for the anti-apartheid struggle for Palestine.

Tickets can be bought online, but I bought my tickets from the Toronto Women’s Bookstore which sells them for 10$ cash each, with no service charges.


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