Authentic Critique of Theory

The one who is engaged directly (not the leader) should think in a single, simple way, because the goal is to motivate a fire. The writer can separate him or herself from the situation, must think in a long term frame because abstraction is his or her weapon. The theorist always over-estimates the importance of the complex because they are not interested in acting, or creating a force.

The bias against ideology not connected to an actual plan is motivated by a resentment towards an absence of gravity – a detachment from the real, which speaks loudly the truth that you do not need the overcoming, at least not personally. You can go home. So you are not serious, you only write and think.

This is the genuine critique of theory, probably the only non-hypocritical rejoinder to it is to actually become motivated by the same need that grounds your critic, and have that gravity, that absolute, unapologetic demand itself take you over, and control your own thinking – short, and long term.


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