Photos from G20 Protests

I took many photos and a lot of video this weekend during the G20 protests. I’ve posted what I think are my best shots on picasa and on facebook. It would be greatly appreciated if people could comment on which one(s) they think are best.

2 thoughts on “Photos from G20 Protests

  1. Well … the “Everything is OK” sign made me smile. Too bad the whole sign isn’t in the picture with the cops. The last one with the curved glass building is a nice picture, and so is the self-portrait, but they don’t look like pictures of a protest. As far as a good picture of The Toronto G20 protests goes, I like the one with the Nathan Phillips Square pedestrian bridge–it’s relatively readily identifiable as a picture of a protest in Toronto, I like the sunlight on the bridge, and I guess red and green signs are good.

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