An excuse, a song, and some remembrance day references

I’ve been busy with thesis work lately, soon I’ll put together some readable pieces on some questions in political philosophy I’m wrestling with.

Also, yesterday this song spilt out of me, right after reading that Ford is asking the #occupytoronto protestors to leave the park.

As for remembrance day, I wrote this fairly satisfactory piece a few years ago. This year I spent the day thinking of the revolutionaries who have fought and continue to fight against colonization and oppressive regimes all around the world. From Palestine to Algeria, and Ireland to Oka, revolutionary causes sometimes require the commitment of individuals to make the complete sacrifice for the cause. If you can’t stomach supporting those who have the courage to fight against your colonial state, then at least check out Milan’s post from today, an excellent piece which focusses on the suffering of civilians in war, and the moral courage of objectors, “who have had the courage to refuse to fight – and those who had the even greater courage to speak out publicly against unjust wars”.


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