Les Performance Géniale: Blogothèque

If you haven’t already discovered this, I highly recommend a visit to this website. The blogothèque group films performances of different artists in non-standard situations. Perhaps my favorite is Aloe Blacc’s performance of “I need a dollar’, spontaneously sung around a table in a small restaurant in Paris. Also impressive if Sutjan Stevens’ performance of “The Lakes of Canada’ on a rooftop. Also a must watch are Bon Iver’s performances of Skinny Love and Flume.

What I really like about these performances is they encourage the viewer to get out and do something creative themselves. I have a camera, I have music skills – it follows that I have no excuse not to be creating art in public places in interesting ways. And since there is no single or enduring form of the Blogotheque performance, I don’t think doing this would be really “copycat’, but rather the extension of the mere idea of spontaneous performance in a public place.

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