Backcheck hath defiled my honour

I just got back from a job interview at a firm called Backcheck, at their Port Kells offices. I was rejected because I failed to meet the standard score on their intelligence evaluation test. Are they crazy? I don’t like to pull rank, but I have an M.A. in Philosophy, and although I couldn’t tell them this because I wasn’t planning on telling them I would be leaving after just a few months, but there are some people back East about to pay me a good chunk of change to keep studying Philosophy.

What is worse, is that the reprasentative who spoke to me admitted that it’s quite random what people score on the aptitude test – people may score low initially and high on second try, or high initially and low on second try. They encouraged me to re take the aptitude test, but after a three month waiting period. Three months? Do they honestly not think I would have a different and better job in three months?

All of this would be comprehensible except for the fact it is a human resources firm – their job is to do background checks and evaluate candidates for positions, other companies outsource part of their H.R. to Backcheck to do this. And yet, Backcheck themselves have a hiring practice which they admit has a high compontent of randomness in selecting out apt candidates. Shame on you backcheck, shame.

However, I’m not cross that I did not get the job. Backcheck must be a strange and awful place. There is a pond out front, and five electric radio controlled speedboats on shelves in the lobby. I can only guess that the use of these is given as prizes for excellent work done. How perverse.
I would, however, like to challenge Backcheck to a duel. Unfortunately this is illeagle, and impractical – as there is no “backcheck” person, it only appears on paper. What is not illegal, however, is writing the address and directions to their secret Pork Kells offices. They are located in the Cancar buidling, at 19433 96th Ave, Surrey B.C. Their offices are Suite 200, and you get to them by crossing bridge from the parking lot and ringing the buzzer at the doors on the far left.

19433 96th Ave Surrey B.C. Suite 200. Just walk over the bridge and its the left most door.